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My deviations of my original characters/roleplay characters and my artwork. If I hear anyone even whisper the words "Mary Sue" I'll fwap ya over the head! =P

I've always loved art and writing, making up stuff and drawing/writing it out for others to see. Even though most people say that my original characters are "Mary Sue" because they're pretty, or they're paired up with a main character of an anime, etc. But, I don't pay any attention to that. If you want your character to be paired up with your favorite character, then pair them up! If you want them to be pretty, make them pretty! Who cares what other people think? They're your characters, don't let other people tell YOU how to make up YOUR original characters. Most of my characters are paired up with my favorite characters. If you don't like the way I write or make up my original characters, then hit your back button, and don't waste your time and mine by reading it just so you can complain and flame.


Cubic Zirconia: Transformers OC Cubic Zirconia is an autobot, Ratchet's bonded sparkmate. Her mother, Crystalmeth was a decepticon, killed by other decepticons after Megatron ordered all femmes and youngling be exterminated. Megatron lied to her father, Starscream and took the two away from him. Crystalmeth survived later on after the decepticons left her alone to die, but managed to get her sparkling, Cubic Zirconia to earth for the autobots to take care of. Cubic Zirconia grew up with the other younglings tormenting and making fun of her every day, calling her a decepticon reject because of her past. Even some of the adult mechs and femmes didn't trust her. Ratchet was the only one who truely cared for her and was always there when she needed a shoulder to cry on.
Cubic Zirconia went to medical training at another autobot base but came back after she became an adult. Upon her return, her and Ratchet became sparkmates. After her father dies, she decides to have children to try and patch up the whole in her heart/spark that his passing left. Eventually, her and Ratchet have 13 kids, all named after Jupiter's moons.

Michelle: Transformers OC Michelle ends up being Depth Charge's love interest. She moves to the beach, into her cousin's ocean front house that was up for rent on a private beach away from people and civilization, after a few more of her friends are brutally killed in motor vehicle accidents and drugs. Depth Charge ends up saving her from her sorrow, claiming that they are the same, and tells her about losing everyone on Omicron. Eventually, nanities are injected into her body and she becomes, pretty much, immortal. Depth Charge found a lost island in Bermuda that he claimed as his own, ocassionally taking Michelle there for alone time. Even if Michelle's home is miles away from other living humans and no one ever comes around, he feels that he can walk around, freely, and be himself without the worries of being seen. He transforms himself as a pretender (a robot disguised as a human instead of a vehicle or transmetal animal) and stays with her.

Aphrodite: Transformers Beast Wars OC From a different Beast Wars fanfiction series, she is Depth Charge's sparkmate. Her father, Poseiden was Depth Charge's partner in security when he was protecting Omicron. Unfortunately, Poseiden was killed by Protoform X. After Aphrodite comes to Earth, her and Depth Charge fall in love. Her beast-mode is a transmetal seahorse.

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United States
The character Cubic Zirconia belongs to me, Harmon. Please do not steal her or any of my other original characters. Thanks to gauge0001 (for the animated pic of Cu-Zee), glacierSCIENCE, ObsessiveXD, and Crying-Wolf-BB for helping me with all of my ocs!

Current Residence: In a house between 2 cemetaries on a curve where every1 wrecks in Rockingham County, North Carolina.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Never ask a female her size!
Favourite genre of music: Gothic, Techno, Rave, Electronica, Rock, Jpop, Jrock, Country, Bluegrass
Favourite photographer: Dana & Neo
Shell of choice: Turtle
Skin of choice: Zombie's
Favourite cartoon character: Depth Charge & Rachet
Personal Quote: You find out who your true friends are when a chainsaw cranks up.
I'm alive! I promise! Sorry I haven't been on in over a year :faint: I'm going to try and get on this sn more!

I've been taking kick boxing classes and taking a class online dealing with sea life. That's about it with everything new....
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